What are the benefits of a serviced apartment?

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Convenience- This is the driving factor for the demand of all existing and upcoming apartment complexes. While everybody has a family home back in the home town, people tend to invest or rent out a place closer to work/ school or any other daily commute/ commitment they have.

Comfort- An apartment in often just the right size, not to small and not too big and comes with all modern amenities including contemporary furniture, airconditioning, central heating system, wifi, hot water etc. In the serviced apartments meant for business executives there are also additional facilities such as a fully stocked bar, International direct dialling in order to ensure a comfortable stay.

Security- Serviced apartmentcomplexes are often gated communities that is under surveillance. This factor is especially popular among ladies who live alone. This sits well with tenants with small children too. This not only protects you but also your home and your belongings while you are away from home, irrespective of whether it is during the day or prolonged periods of time.

Mobility- While you have a certain obligation that your agreement binds you, you are able to give formal notice and vacate the apartment of you wish too and this is not possible if you were residing in a house of your own. Furthermore you are not responsible for the maintenance aspect of the apartment as this is often covered by the lease agreement and damages, if any are re-covered by the security deposit you place with the land lord before moving in.

Accessibility- All serviced apartments in Singaporeare situated closer to the heart of the city or in the commercial part of the city. This gives the occupants quick access to their work place or school. If you are a traveller on holiday this would also mean that you are able to reach the bus and train stations and explore the important places in the city, sometimes even by foot.

Simple- Because of its size and structure everything about serviced apartments are easy to get about with than in a country home. Even simple tasks such as taking out the trash or pulling up the blinds in the morning is relatively easier as it is more stress-free to set a routines in a limited space.

Hassel free- Basically everything is taken care for you.Bills, cleaning up, security of the premises they are all included in the agreement. While you are away from home you can have the peace of mind that you can return to a clean and cosy apartment courtesy of your agreement with your land lord.

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